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SportBrand is a Sport Marketing Agency based in Calgary, Alberta

SportBrand Canada is a Sport Marketing Agency that are experts in helping brands, sport organizations, events and athletes get the most out of their sponsorship relationships.

Our work and expertise focuses on:

  • Sponsorship Packaging, Selling and Strategy
  • Athlete Management
  • Facility Naming Rights Strategy & Selling
  • Sponsorship Activation Planning
  • Sport Marketing Strategy and Athlete Endorsement Selection
  • Sponsorship Agreement Development & Negotiation

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His thirty-year career in the business of sport has included marketing positions within major sport organizations and big brands in the United States and Canada.

Young moved to the U.S. in 1994 to attend business school in Los Angeles and was then fortunate to land a women’s sport marketing position at Nike and then with NBC Sports as a senior producer for their online coverage of the Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens, and Torino Olympics.  

He moved back to Canada in 2001 and has worked with a number of long-term corporate clients, Olympic sport organizations, facility naming rights projects and also represents a large number of top Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

His focus of business in recent years is on Olympic sport sponsorship and the management of rights holders commercial efforts.
He has lived in Calgary for last 17 years with his wife and two teenaged children.

Colin Young

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