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business Owner and 104kg smoker to professional triathlete in 3.5 years  

Renee was a typical Aussie sporty kid who grew up in a small town in NSW. She played basketball at state and national level up until the age of 17 when she left home in 2000 and moved to the city to attend university. She promptly stopped all forms of sport and exercise in favour of study, work and the party lifestyle.

In 2006 she and her business partner started their first business and it absolutely consumed her for the next phase of her life building a company and living the corporate life. Somewhere between 2000 when she left home and 2013 she managed to gain a significant amount of weight, reaching 104kg (229lbs) at her heaviest.

She had become a pack-a-day smoker and did not exercise over that thirteen year period. Despite being very successful in her corporate life, Renee was extremely overweight, unhealthy and unhappy.

By chance, Renee  got a close-up look of a triathlon race for the first time and it sparked what would become the biggest change in her life. In January of 2014 she rode a bike for the first time since primary school and swam laps of a pool for the first time since high school. She ran more kilometres in 2014 than she had run in the prior 14 years.

She is now 34 years of age, 90 lbs lighter and a Professional Triathlete and passionate about inspiring others to change if they want it badly enough.  It is not too late ... and it is not too hard.


Professional Triathlete & Speaker

Career Highlights


  • August IM Estonia Ironman 5th Pro Female
  • July Jonkoping 70.3Half Ironman 5th Pro Female
  • May Busselton 70.3Half Ironman 4th Pro Female


  • November Challenge Shepparton Half Iron Distance 4th Pro Female
  • September Challenge AlmereIron Distance 6th Pro Female
  • August Challenge Turku Half Distance 5th Pro Female
  • July Zurich 5150 Olympic Distance 7th Pro Female
  • May Ironman Australia Ironman 5th Pro Female
  • April Oceanside 70.3 Half Ironman 12th Pro Female
  • March Mount Martha Sufferfest Olympic Distance 1st Female
  • February 2xu Triathlon Series Sprint Distance 1st Open Female


  • November 2xu Triathlon Series Sprint Distance 2nd Open Female
  • November Challenge Shepparton Half Ironman 2nd Pro Female
  • October Yarrawonga Triathlon Olympic Distance 1st Female
  • August Gdynia 70.3Half Ironman 8th Pro Female
  • July Challenge Iceland Half Ironman 7th Pro Female

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Racing Kit: Catfish Activewear

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Healthy Lifestyle Brands, Nutrition/Beverage, Eyewear, Footwear, Automobile

Training bases :  Brisbane, Australia (6 months), St Moritz, Switzerland (4 Months) Salt Lake City, Utah (2 Months)



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$5,000/yr plus performance bonuses.